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@ THAIFEX 2023
(May 23 - 27.2023)


123 Farm Company Limited

123 Farm

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Company name:

123 Farm Company Limited


Highway 80, Tan Binh Hamlet, Hoa Thanh Commune, Lai Vung District, Dong Thap Province, Vietnam


+84 886 961 508




Mr. Huynh Le Ngoc Vien, Chief Business Development Officer

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+84 918 763 913

Meet us at

THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2023
Impact Hall 5, Booth E36
Vietnam Pavilion (Fine food)


123 Farm Co., Ltd is a popular company in the southwest of Vietnam specializing in manufacturing and supplying dried fruit production, providing base materials and semi-finished products for producing concentrated fruit juice, cake and food, domestic and export.

With modern equipment and process, professional production management, a skilled technical team and many years of experience R&D department, 123 Farm company brings high-quality products, a guaranteed delivery schedule, prices reasonable and stable to meet the different requirements and needs of customers.

With many years of experience and the certification system of ISO 22000: 2018,... We are ready to satisfy the most demanding markets.

The trust and support of customers are a great encouragement on the development path of 123 Farm. You are satisfied - We are happy!

Product category

1. Dried Kumquat: Made from fresh fruit
Kumquats are especially notable for their rich supply of vitamin C and fiber. Distilling Kumquat fruit with rock sugar cuts coughs very well and simply. The essential oil in kumquat will boost to the respiratory system, help loosen and expel phlegm, thereby soothing and shortening coughs. Furthermore, the high fiber content in Kumquat fruit is good for the digestive system.

2. Dried Soursop: Made from fresh fruit
Our product is made from the pulp of fresh soursop fruits with suitable ripeness and other quality parameters. Our advanced low-temperature drying technology (heat-pump drying) helps retains much higher amounts of sensitive nutrients and the natural flavor of the fruits. The dried soursop is added with a little sugar for preservation and taste improvement. It’s a healthy snack for our diet.

3. Pomelo Jam: Made from fresh fruit
Preserved Pomelo juice is a natural fruit drink prepared according to a special recipe of 123 Farm. Fresh pomelo has been cooked with rock sugar to create a sweet and sour drink, with the addition of sweet and bitter pomelo jelly, which helps to quench thirst in hot weather and compensate for the amount of water and quality lost due to hot weather.

Main export markets

USA, Japan, China, Thailand, Korea

Relevant certificates

ISO 22000:2018

We are looking for

- Sales agent/ Distributor
- Importers/ Buyers/ Wholesales
- We are looking for business partners or investers who would like to co-operate or invest to our high tech agricultures business plan in the following countries: USA, Thailand, Japan and Singapore

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